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Residential Septic System Service

Trust your home septic system to AllStar Septic Cleaning Service. We take pride in offering you personalized, friendly service and a bit of free advice every now and then to help keep your system running smoothly. Your home septic system is a highly-efficient, self-contained treatment system for the wastewater in your home. Maintaining your system properly helps to protect your investment and reduces chances of costly repairs and inconvenient disruptions to your home waste water system.

We recommend a septic tank cleaning service for your home septic system approximately every 3 years. Frequency may depend on the number of people in your household, the amount of wastewater that your family generates (and the amount of water used) and the volume of solids combined with the size of system that you have. At your next septic system service, please feel free to ask us what the condition of the tank is in. Our experts and happy to assist you.

Maintaining your septic system is important. Here’s why: Repairing or replacing a septic system can cost thousands of dollars and disruption in the home. The minimal amount of preventative maintenance to have the system routinely pumped and inspected costs very little in comparison. AllStar is a company that you can trust to help you maintain your system.

Consider ordering a portable restroom from us if you’re having a large gathering or party at your home –it’s easy, affordable and won’t cause the additional stress to your system that can result in a backup. The additional bonus is less traffic through your house! You’ll be glad you did!

Have a home grease trap? We’ll be glad to service the grease trap when servicing your septic system. Just let us know that you would like it done as well.

Your septic cleaning services will include:

  • Locate and uncover lid, excess dirt over lid may cost additional
  • Inspect the lid for cracks
  • Inspect lines leading to house
  • Brief inspection of the system
  • Pump out tank
  • Clean bottom and sides of tank
  • Baffle inspection
  • Replace Lid

AllStar Septic Maintenance Kit

Residential septic maintenance should include using our convenient pre-measured, water-soluble packets. Drop one packet monthly in your home’s toilet and flush, it’s that simple! The plastic pouches dissolve away so that you don’t have to handle the powder. Our formula contains a blend of bacteria specially designed to provide accelerated waste degradation and help liquefy grease. These multi-strain bacteria digest grease, fats, oil, protein and starch. Regular doses are recommended to eliminate odors and keep your system operating efficiently. Call us at 979-543-1500 to order a one-year supply for just $30.


  • Extends life of drain area
  • Controls methane production
  • Improves drain field percolation
  • Keeps sewer lines open and prevents drain blockage
  • Neutralizes detergent bleach
  • Will not attack plastic or metal plumbing
  • Safer to use than harsh chemicals
  • Degrades paper, grease, and vegetable waste more quickly

We’d love to meet you and prefer that you’re home when we come. We’ll review procedures and inspections with you at time of service.

Call to schedule your next service today at 979-543-1500!