Proper maintenance of a septic system aids in optimal performance and reduces the chance of a system failure. Septic systems are designed to accommodate a certain amount usage and our septic tank services can help reduce disruption of your system. Allstar Septic Services has been providing septic installations, maintenance, repairs, and septic pumping services for homes for more than 31 years. You can rely on our experience to ensure your system is properly serviced and maintained.

A properly installed and maintained septic system can be the safest and most economical way to handle the waste water from your home or business. Proactive preventative maintenance is key.

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Residential Septic Installations:

We offer three types of residential installation services: conventional, low pressure dosing, and aerobic spray systems. We ensure your home’s wastewater management runs smoothly, keeping your property clean and safe.

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Residential Septic Maintenance:

We provide routine maintenance and diligent care to safeguard your investment, prevent costly repairs, and maintain environmental responsibility. We offer yearly maintenance contracts with licensed technicians for aerobic systems. Most counties require an annual maintenance contract.

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Residential Septic Repairs:

When issues arise with your residential septic system, our skilled technicians quickly diagnose and fix problems, restoring your system’s functionality and preventing further damage.

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Residential Septic Pumping:

Our skilled technicians meticulously remove accumulated sludge and solids from your septic tank, preventing potential backups and ensuring the long-term functionality of your wastewater disposal system.

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How does a septic system work?

A septic system consists of a tank and drain fields. Pipes leading from your home or business plumbing system drain into the septic tank. The tank is where the first step of treatment begins. Heavy solids settle to the bottom of the tank, this eventually creates a layer of sludge in your tank. Lighter solids, grease, and oils float to the top and form a thin layer – the more of these items that come through the drains, the thicker this layer becomes. Liquids, now in the middle of the tank (effluents) glow into gravel filled trenches in the drain field where it is distributed into the surrounding ground. The soil helps to filter and remove harmful substances, including bacteria and toxins. Baffles or outlet tees located in the tank are designed to prevent the sludge and scum from flowing into the drain field. If the tank is not serviced regularly, the system will eventually backup or clog. If left long enough, this will cause your septic system to fail.

Call AllStar Septic Services for regular service, maintenance and repair of your septic system: +1 (979) 332-3333.

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