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Portable Toilets for Oil Fields

Workers in oil fields can benefit by having proper oil field supplies, and portable sanitation should be on that list. Portable toilets for oil fields give workers a place to use the restroom without needing to leave the site to go elsewhere. We understand the demands in this industry and we provide porta potties for oil fields wherever they’re needed. We take pride in the level of service and commitment that we provide so that your crews will have a clean facility.

Tuff Joe Portable Restroom

A portable toilet for oil field services must be able to stand the rigors of the job. Can be staked down to reduce the risk of blowing over. Oil field supplies should include one Tuff Joe for up to 10 workers on a regular 40-hr. shift per week with weekly service.

  • Includes toilet & urinal
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • In-use door latch
  • Slip resistant floor
  • Staking available (to reduce tip-over)
  • Exterior dimensions: 44” x 48” x 88”
  • Door opening: 73”

Regular Joe Portable Restroom

Smooth walls on this porta potty make it easier to clean and attract less dust. Order one Regular Joe for every 10 workers on a regular 40-hr. work week, serviced once per week service.

  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • In-use door latch
  • Exterior dimensions: 43” x 47.2” x 90”
  • Recommendation: 1 per every 10 workers
  • 2 user hand wash station
  • Includes soap & paper towel
  • Dimensions: 26” x 19” x 64.5”
  • Approximate capacity: 300 uses