Common Septic Tank Myths Busted by the Experts at AllStar

Part of the job of a good septic service company is ensuring you are informed. Your septic equipment can have a long life and function smoothly with some attention, maintenance, and practical knowledge. There’s some common myths about septic tanks that can lead to a lot of hassle, and Allstar Septic is here to bust them for you.

Additives will take care of everything

This falls right into the “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” category. Eventually, your septic system is going to fill up with (the remnants of) all the stuff you put down it. There are no enzymes and additives out there that can take stuff and turn it into not stuff at the rate your family is putting it in the system, unless you reside at Hogwarts.

If nothing is wrong, I don’t need to touch my tank

This goes right back to not waiting until there is a problem…and eventually, there WILL be a problem. Even with proper maintenance, eventually good ol’d entropy is going to make things that once worked stop doing so. The idea is to stave that moment off through periodic maintenance.

Pumping as a panacea

On the other hand, while periodic pumping is key to prolonged efficiency, it’s not a cure all…especially if you’ve already let things go too long without some tender love and care. If the septic drain field is saturated, pumping will do nothing with that material, as it’s already outside the storage area.

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