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The AllStar Difference.

Our mission is simple: We do what’s right regardless of time or costs, while focusing on the homeowner and not cutting any corners. Our core values include:


Lead by example & go the extra mile


Be selfless & eager to learn


Stay humble, have fun, & make friends


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5-Star Reviews


Reliable, Top-Notch Service

With years of experience, we have mastered all septic issues, repairs, and installations.
When you choose AllStar Septic Services as your septic provider, we guarantee quality and hard work to ensure your septic tank’s success.

Septic Installation

We offer three types of residential installation services: conventional, low pressure dosing, and aerobic spray systems.

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Septic Maintenance

We offer yearly maintenance contracts with licensed technicians for aerobic systems. Most counties require an annual maintenance contract.

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Septic Repairs

Depending on county regulations we can repair most types of systems. Timely repairs are essential to preventing costly damage and ensuring the system’s longevity.

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Septic Pumping

We offer septic system pumping on all types of septic systems: Conventional, Low Pressure Dosing, Aerobic Spray, Aerobic Drip Systems, and Conventional Grease Traps On Homes.

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What Our Clients Say

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I hired Allstar Septic to come clean our septic system out on 14 June 2021. I wasn't able to be there myself but my wife was, and when I called to see how it went all she could do was say how great of a job Allstar did. She said the young man Mason that came out was very courteous and professional the entire time and he deserved recognition. I have to say my conversations with Allstar on the phone had the same professionalism and respect that makes and keeps customers around for years. Also the price point was great for this service and was actually less than I expected. You won't regret hiring Allstar Septic Service.

Will Band / New Client

This isn't the company that installed our septic system, but our company isn't open weekends and doesn't have after hour service. I called AllStar at 10 pm Saturday because our toilets were backed up. Not only did they answer, the gentleman was polite professional helpful and courteous. He stayed on the phone with us for over an hour walking us through ways to try and unclog the line. While we weren't completely successful, he helped us find a resolution to allow us to use our toilets for the night until we can rent a roto rooter tomorrow. We will definitely be returning customers because honestly they just won our business from our original company. Highly recommend giving them all call.

Charlotte Gutsche / New Client

I used Allstar in Feb. 2021 to clean out our septic tank. I was pleased with their communication and customer service. I live in the Rosenberg area, and it was hard to find a reliable company. Even though they are over an hour away, they accommodated me. It was easy to schedule an appointment and the employee arrived within the specified time frame. They sent me pictures of the cleaned out tank and provided some septic tank enzymes. It may be some time before I require this service again, but when the time arrives, I'll definitely be looking to use them again. Highly recommend!

VG / New Client

As a superintendent for a large construction company, I find it a pleasure to do business with AllStar Sanitation Services. They have given us the very best service and are extremely professional. They always respond promptly no matter what the weather may be. Work site safety and health requirements required by OSHA and other state regulatory agents requires that we provide a safe and hazard free work place. The professionals at AllStar understand the importance of providing our hard working construction crews with clean and reliable service. AllStar Sanitation Services is without a doubt a “Five Star” operation and among the very best that Texas has to offer. I highly recommend their service whenever possible.

Curtis Henderson

We are so pleased with AllStar! Not only do they do what they say they’ll do, they are some of the nicest people that I’ve met. They go above and beyond to help you figure out the problem and find a solution. It’s hard to find honest, NICE, people anymore, but they are the real deal. It is nice to know that companies like this still exist. Thanks again and please let me know what I can do to help get the word out there!

Roy & Amanda Wasson

We had been waiting two weeks to have our septic pumped out by an out-of-town company, unable to use our toilets in the house. We finally contacted Allstar Septic Service here in El Campo and we were immediately taken care of in a very friendly and professional manner. Thank you, Troy, you put our faith back into supporting our local businesses.

S Bales, El Campo

Allstar Septic Services is the best!! Very professional in their work, very friendly staff. Not afraid to get their hands dirty.

D Hernandez

Great service. Prompt and through and polite! Would use them again!

Nora G.